Inspiring Football

Football is such a big sport for me since I was a little six year old to now. One thing that inspired me to play was USC football. USC football inspired me because when I first saw them, they got hit onto the ground and their team members helped them up. Every time I play football this inspires me to keep going when something stops me. The site that made me think to write about football was the Week 5 blog challenge. This weeks challenge was to add images to your posts and write about them. The site that I used to find my picture was I found this site very helpful because I searched USC football and it came up with over 50 pictures. If you are going to do a post like I did I recommend using to find your pictures. If you have any questions or comments please write me up a comment.

One thought on “Inspiring Football

  1. I really liked how you opened up your blog. I enjoyed the fact that you chose a photo that inspired you. I looked into the site was very useful. I really liked the site and will use it in future blogging.

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