Week 4 Challenge: Blood Water Mission

Blood Water Mission


What Inspired Me: What inspired me to focus on the bad water in Africa was the week four Student Blogging Challenge. When I read the week four challenge it said to focus on,” Global Issues” and later that day my teacher said,” Focus On Poverty.” Once she said that I knew I wanted to take a look at Africa’s Water. After you read about what is happening you can take a look at the powerpoint that I made a while ago.

The Situation/Issue: The situation or issue that is going on in Africa right now is over thousands of adults and children are in poverty. There are so many types of poverty that people in Africa suffer from but the type of poverty these unfortunate people are facing is dehydration. Dehydration is an enormous problem in Africa because in Africa is basically a desert and since deserts are very dry water is a source that is very limited. When I first realized what was happening to these people I really wanted to help. So I went to this site called, www.bloodwatermission.com and I read about what they do.

What They Do: What they do is, whenever they receive a donation they send people or workers out to Africa and those workers find routes that go from a thirsty village to a source of water. Once The Blood Water Mission builds the pipes, they will be open for use and the thirsty people in the village will no longer be thirsty.

Ways You Can Help:  Some ways you can help are, you can go to www.bloodwatermission.com and you can either donate so they can build the waterways or you can sign up for the blood water program and you will be able to go to Africa and help the families that are in need.


7 thoughts on “Week 4 Challenge: Blood Water Mission

  1. I gained a lot of information from your blog about the problems that Africa is facing with their water supplies. It is a problem that most people do not think about. Thank you for including the websites for me to visit as well that was really helpful. Do you want to go to Africa when you get older to help build the water ways? Your power point was good. I would suggest on the power point make each slide a little longer for viewing. I had a hard time reading all the information. Overall, the power point was very eye appealing. I am actually attend the University of South Alabama and have a blog myself. I was wondering if I could post your power point in a few weeks on my blog? If I post it it would allow my fellow classmates to also view it.

    • Well my answer to the 1st question is yes I would like to go build these waterways when I am older. For the second question, Sure I would love to post my powerpoint on your blog It sounds like a great Idea to spread the word!!! Talk to you later Thanks 🙂

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  3. Your blog post brings into focus what most people take for granted each day. While we have food and clean water to drink many people in Africa go without. Food is hard to come by and water is hard to find. Even when someone finds water it is usually unfit to drink but they have no choice. It is important that people donate what they can to help, just a little can go a long way. Thank you for sharing this post and providing links to donation sites. I am a student at the University of South Alabama by the way. I will be following your blog posts for the next couple of weeks. I look forward to reading your posts and learning from them. Keep up the good work.

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