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The site I used for my avatar was I thought this site was very helpful and it had a ton of accessories you could add to your avatar. My avatar resembles to me in so many ways. For example my hair, eyes, and shirt are just like me. If you looked at me in real life I would be a twin with my avatar. I believe creating an avatar was a great idea and I would love to do it again.

4 thoughts on “My Avatar

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  2. i think your avatar is wierd but in a good way. your blog is pretty awesome too. your blog is the 5th best blog i’ve been to.
    from rorz.

  3. I am now going to have to go and make my own avatar. I liked how you really made your avatar look like you. I have noticed watching my husband and friends play Wii and X-Box, that a lot of times with the use of avatars they will not resemble their owner. What do you think the benefits were to creating your avatar?

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